Our First Year
Dozer & Tracker

About Us

Dozer & Tracker are Texas A&M Forest Service's newest K9 law enforcement officers. Once their training is complete, the purebred bloodhounds and their handlers will focus on wildland arson investigations and fire prevention.



Brothers Dozer & Tracker, purebred bloodhounds, were born November 15, 2012, at Wychway Bloodhounds in New York. They started with Texas A&M Forest Service in February 2013, when they were just 3-months-old. Dozer is solid red and partnered with Texas A&M Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Kevin Pierce in Lufkin. Tracker is black and tan and partnered with Texas A&M Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Jarred Lemmon in Linden. Along with their partners, Dozer and Tracker focus on wildland arson and timber theft investigations and fire prevention. They'll also be available to neighboring law enforcement agencies that need help tracking missing people or escaped inmates.

More Stuff ...

Activities - We love tracking practice. That's when we get to test out our sniffers. Running around or snacking on apples, blueberries and carrots! Interests -Tracking, Treats, Arson Investigation, Wildfire Prevention and Natural Foods. Favorite Books -Bloodhounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual, Ten Little Bloodhounds, Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats and Marley & Me. Favorite Music - Blake Shelton's Old Red, Elvis Presley's Hound Dog. Favorite Movies -Turner and Hooch, Benji, Homeward Bound, The Fox and the Hound and Old Yeller. Favorite TV Shows -Lassie, Scooby Doo, Dog Whisperer, Cops and pretty much anything on Animal Planet.