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Campfires are a part of camping. Follow these simple rules to make sure you leave your campsite and forest the way you found it.

1. Always have an adult present and never play with fire.

2. Dig a small pit away from overhanging branches. (Most parks have campfire pits ready and waiting for you.)

3. Circle the pit with rocks or be sure it already has a metal fire ring.

4. Clear a five-foot area around the pit down to the soil.

5. Keep a bucket of water and a shovel nearby.

6. Stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire.

7. After lighting, do not discard the match until it is cold.

8. Never leave a campfire unattended, not even for a minute.

9. Make sure it is completely out before you leave!

My brother Dozer and I love camping! Hover over the different objects of our campground to learn how you can help us protect the forest while you are enjoying the great outdoors!
Inside Leaf - Photosynthesis
Believe it or not people actually steal trees! This is called Timber Theft.

Timber Theft is a crime that affects everyone and is continually rising with the price of timber and many land owners that don't live on their property. While timber and land owners initially feel the monetary loss, everyone stands to lose a natural resource - trees taken without reforestation methods in place to ensure a new forest for the future. Report Timber Theft and before selling your timber: Check your buyer, check their references and get a Bill of Sale!
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What do Purple Markings on Trees and Fenceposts in Texas mean?

The law was created to allow Texas land owners an alternative to posting No Trespassing and Posted signs that would retain the same legal bite, but without the cost of signs or frequently replacing them.

Section 30.05 of the Texas Penal Code, dealing with criminal trespass, says that: (paraphrased) ‘A person commits an offense if he…enters property of another without consent…and that he had notice that the entry was forbidden.

One of the code’s definition of notice is the placement of identifying purple paint marks on trees or posts on the property and that those marks are: vertical lines at least 8 inches long and 1 inch wide, placed between 3 feet and 5 feet from the ground, and that their placement is in locations that are easily visible to a person approaching the property and that they be no more than 100 feet apart on wooded land.
Eastern Fox Squirrel

Texas’ most common squirrel, found in the eastern 2/3 of the state in upland hardwood forests with nut producing trees.

Squirrels are active in early morning and late afternoon.

They use their long bushy tail for balance, warmth and use it to show you they are upset.

Squirrels nest in holes in trees or build leaf and twig nests.

Dozer and Tracker’s favorite thing about camping are the grilled hotdogs their handlers make! Follow their safety tips while you’re grilling your favorite food to ensure you protect the forest.

1. Never play with fire and always have an adult present.

2. Be safe with lighters, matches and lighter fluid.

3. After lighting, do not discard the match until it is cold.

4. Keep a bucket of water and a shovel nearby.

5. Make sure your coals or wood are completely out before you leave your campsite or load your BBQ grill into your vehicle.
There’s nothing better at night than a gas lantern to light up your campsite. Use these tips to make sure it doesn’t start a fire.

1. Ask an adult for help.

2. Keep lit lantern on a stable surface or hanging from a strong hook.

3. Don’t leave your lit lantern unattended or take into your tent.

Timber Theft
Timber Theft
Timber Theft
Timber Theft